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Hiking paradise

The Val d'Anniviers is a hiking paradise. It offers fantastic and various hiking paths.

Here some of our preferred:

- top of Bella Tola: 2h1/2 from the top of the funiculaire. Fantastic view - 360 degrees - on the alps, north and south (Matterhorn, Dent Blanch, Weisshorn....). Not difficult.

- Top of Tounot: 3h from the arrival of the funiculaire from St-Luc. Very nice wild valley behind the Tounot to get there, nice alpine flowers, untouched nature. Incredible view from the top. Gentle hike up until the lake then steeper hike to the top.

- Hut of Moiry, above Grimentz. 1h 45 min from the end of the lake of Moiry. Unique panorama facing the glacier and the summits. Hut has just been renovated and enlarged in 2009 and 2010. Nice modern architecture. Herewith the video presenting you the new hut: Hut of Moiry

- Have a look below on our favourite hikes of the Val d'Anniviers: propositions de randonnées

  NEW: ANNIVIERS LIBERTY Summer 2012: all cable cars free of charge in the Val d'Anniviers (View)  
  St-Luc - La Barmaz 40 minutes (View)  
  St-Luc - Fang Historic path - 1h. 15min (View)  
  Bisse of St-Luc 2 h. 15 min. (View)  
  St-Luc-Gillou-Ayer 2h. 40 min. (View)  
  ST-Luc-Ayer-St-Luc 4h. 20 min. (View)  
  St-Luc-Tignousa with "Prosper" path - 2h (View)  
  St-luc-Chandolin-Tignousa 3h (View)  
  St-Luc-Chandolin-St-Luc through Prosper path-3h.30min (View)  
  St-Luc-H.Weisshorn-Prilett 4h. (View)  
  St-luc-cascades-Touno 4h. 15 min. (View)  
  St-Luc-cascades-Meidpass 4 h. (View)  
  St-Luc-Forcletta-Gruben 6 h. 40 min (View)  
  Tignousa-Le Touno 3h. 15 min. (View)  
  Tignousa-lakes-tignousa 4 h. (View)  
  Tignousa-Bella Tola 2h. 50 min. (View)  
  Tignousa-Chiesso-St-Luc 1h. 50 min. (View)  
  Tignousa-Meidpass-Gruben 4h. 20 min. (View)  
  Tignousa-Forcletta 3h. 20 min. (View)  
  Tignousa-Zinal 4h. 20 min. (View)  
  Chandolin-Pramarin-Tsapé 1h. 45 min. (View)  
  Moiry-ch.2500-hut-Moiry 4h. 50 min. (View)  
  Moiry-lake Autannes-col Torrent 2h 45 min. (View)  
  Moiry-Sorebois-Zinal 4h. 20 min. (View)  
  Moiry lake-hut 2h 45 min. (View)  
  Sorebois-Pet.Mountet-Zinal 4h. 15 min. (View)  
  Zinal-hut.Pet.Mountet 2h. 30 min. (View)  
  Zinal-Roc.vache-Zinal 4h. 50 min. (View)  
  Zinal-hut Tracuit 5 h. (View)  
  Zinal-hut Arpitettaz 4 h. (View)  
  Via Bella Tola Swiss cultural itinerary (View)  
Hiking proposals
From and around St-Luc

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