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Return to the Simple Life
In 1859, Pierre Pont (1831 - 1912) constructed the house that was to become the first " Hotel Bella Tola" to the East of the church. At the time it was the vicar who welcomed travellers and it is on his advice, facing the increasing demand, that Pierre Pont decided to open the first hotel in the village. When demand exceeded the space available he constructed in 1883 the " Grand Hotel & Pension Bella Tola ", to the north extremity of the village of St. - Luc, on the foundations of a Roman villa (the objects discovered at the time of the construction are in the national museum). The house was composed then of 4 floors as well as mansard floor, 7 rows of horizontal windows and 40 beds

1893 saw:
  • the construction of a new wing south, presumably by architect Louis Maillard, with 5 floors, 4 rows of windows horizontally and transformation of the mansard floor in order to get 40 supplementary beds. One notices the difference of style mainly on of the balconies, more worked, recalling the buildings of the same period on lake of Geneva.
  • installation of a bath in addition to the portable tubs and 4 WATER-CLOSETS
  • construction of a dining room in the new wing able to welcome 100 people in "tables d'hôtes" of 12 to 16 people. Next to this one, a large and a small lounge,
  • On the ground floor, smokong-room, billiard room and living room for mountain guides and valets.For the dinner, 7 dishes-menu was served. Good food of the own country

For the dinner, 7 dishes-menu was served. Good food of the own country. Later construction of a veranda on the ground floor of the initial north wing. In 1904, Gabriel Pont (1864 - 1944) spouse of Madeleine Elisabeth Antille (1874 - 1936) takes the establishment.
In 1944, Henri G. Pont (1915 - 1994) after having attended the Hotel School of Lucerne and Lausanne, various training periods of which notably at the Gstaad Palace, Regina Wengen, Caux Palace, Gotthard Zürich takes over the establishment. He will later be president of the village. In 1949 he marries Daisy Wagnière (1923 - 1988).
The financial situation is precarious after a too long period without investment (1st World War, period of crisis, 2nd World War).

Tried without success the foundation of a company with shareholders (1944). Henri G. Pont will undertake, with his own resources, important renovations such as: cold and hot running water, baths on each floor, later showers and private baths. Demolition of the veranda which was typical of a mountain hotel. Transformation of the ground floor with a new entrance with new lounges and restaurant.

1983, Olivier Pont takes over the hotel (1955), kitchen chef, student of the Hotel Schools of Geneva and Lausanne, graduate Hotelier - Restaurateur SSH.

He continues the renovations of the rooms undertaken by his father. Installation of a direct dial telephone system. In the 90's, addition of a winter garden to the restaurant.
1995: sale after 4 generations and acquisition by a company founded by Jean-Claude Zufferey and other partners of St. - Luc, interested in relaunching the hotel.

May 1996: Anne - Françoise and Claude Buchs-Favre purchase from M. Zufferey the majority of the shares. Their goals: to continue the renovations undertaken by the family Pont but also to preserve the character and style of the 19th century through cultural events so that the hotel becomes once again a meeting point for concerts, dinner-shows, exhibitions, musical-literary evenings…

Historical Hotel of the year 2001 (ICOMOS)

"Copyright Museum Schweizer Hotellerie und Tourismus"

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