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The line of cosmetic products Alpeor is born in the heart of the Swiss Alps. It demonstrates its origin and value by combining and enriching its hightech formluas with exclusive essences of plants. Due to this utilization and application of rare plants from the Swiss Alps on the basis of scientific knowledge Alpeor has obtained a synonymous name : « OR DES ALPES », gold of the Alps.

Alpeor looks back to a history of local familiy tradition. Beginning in the 1950s in the bosom of the clinic for wellness Mirabeau in Montreux it praises itself with good reason the very cosmetic line « Beauty care made in Switzerland ».

This brand presents today efficient care products basing on this tradition which has been combined with the latest scientific findings, formulas and products : The expert-line repairing the damages caused by skin ageing or everyday stress, first of all urban stress. The very Swiss quality, that is severity combined with charm, has been adapted to this care line. In this care products containing toughly the most modern scientific formulas and ingredients as well as active essences of the nature and last but not least pure « charming » water from the Alps. They are amalgamating these ingredients to a highly efficient and highly wholesome entity.
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